Ag3nt47 Security – Shmoocon 2013 – Ka-Ching – How To Make Real Money

Description: Margaret Russell
Emerging security technology –your technology—is overlooked, undersold, and underutilized partly because big customers often procure from big companies. Start up and young companies face stiff sales competition from established companies that have large marketing and sales organizations. This talk provides the secrets to winning competitive sales scenarios when the written response to an RFP is the key to being competitive.

Successful sales to businesses or governments usually rely on qualifying rounds of requests for information, proposals, quotes, and oftentimes demonstrations. For a startup or young company that concentrates on technology over marketing, this standard process can be exclusionary. Here’s how to manage a sales process that is dependent on response documents to win the business. And make money. Real Money.

Ms. Russell is a marketing professional with over 30 years experience in networking software, secure networks, and SaaS. She has written and managed hundreds of technical software and services proposals for very large, insanely large, and ginormous multi-national companies. She has run projects that have brought in billions of dollars to her corporate masters. It’s time for the little guys to know the secrets, too. She holds a BA from New York University and a Master’s from Cornell. This is her first ShmooCon talk.


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