Ag3nt47 Security – Carolinacon – 9 – 2013 – The Maru Architecture Design: A Proposed Byod Architecture For An Evolving Threat Landscape

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Abstract: BYOD has been a strong growing trend in information technology over the last few years. Proponents cite the benefits of cost savings, employee productivity, and worker satisfaction when pushing for adoption. As organizations explore accepting this paradigm shift, IT faces a future reality where devices are no longer under their complete control. This loss of control, along with a rapidly evolving security landscape focused on data breaches through attacking the user, is enough to keep IT staff and management awake at night with the fear that a breach of their network will soon make headlines.
Despite these fears and objections, the growing thought among industry experts is that BYOD acceptance is inevitable for most organizations. A shift in strategic thinking towards accepting BYOD in the enterprise and mitigating its potential risks is needed. This talk focuses on a proposed architecture blueprint for BYOD enterprises. The goal of this design, when part of a proper BYOD program, will be to help reduce many of the risks associated with BYOD, while allowing users and organizations to enjoy the many benefits.

Michael Smith is a consultant for ePlus Security. A ten-year veteran of the industry, he has a diverse IT background, although his true passion remains security. Michael is currently a Doctoral candidate at Capital College, researching attack prediction and discovery using predictive analytics. He holds several certifications including his CISSP, OSCP, and GPEN. When not testing or securing the enterprise, Michael enjoys spending time with his family, pursuing his many geeky interests, and traveling… especially to see the Mouse.


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