Ag3nt47 Security – Carolinacon – 9 – 2013 – Terminal Cornucopia

Description: Abstract:

In this talk, I explore a seldom-discussed facet of airport security: what happens after the backscatter/millimeter wave scan or the friendly pat-down? A marginally resourceful and MacGyver-esque individual can breeze through terminal gift shops, restaurants, magazine stands and duty-free shops to find everything they need to wage war on an airplane. We’ll take weapons — melee, projectile, and beyond — from concept to prototype in this serious (yet often humorous) talk, replete with photos and video.

treefort is an interactive developer with roots in advertising. His company, Recursive Squirrel Interactive, has serviced clients such as HP, 20th Century Fox, AARP, and Hess. treefort is also a founding member of the FALE Association of Locksport Enthusiasts (, where he regularly gets to teach fellow problem-solvers and generally attractive people the fundamentals of lock picking and physical security.


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